Hello! I'm Amber Rue, owner and photographer of Jade Street. First and foremost, I am a follower of Christ, and my life's passion and goal is to glorify Him in everything I do. Whether it's eating, drinking, or making photographs, my aim is to do everything heartily for Him. I feel like I have the most amazing job in the world, and the best coworker (my sister, Julia). I am especially passionate about wedding photography (and wedding cake!). In 2008, I married my best friend, Caleb. He's a police officer and my hero.

I am the mom to two adorable little boys, Finn and Fox. They are my world. 

I also document our weddings, portraits, and tidbits of my life's adventures and misadventures on Jade Street's blog

Ten Random Facts About Me:

1. I like a good adventure. Whether it's sky-diving, white-water rafting, or road-tripping to the coast, I'm all in. 

2. I love scary movies. Zombie and vampire movies have a special place in my heart. (I'm sorry, Twilight doesn't count.)

3.  I consider myself a coffee-snob. No, all coffees are not created equal.

4. I'm in love with the great outdoors. If it wasn't for my practical husband, I would live in a van down by the river.

5. I'm the oldest of three kids. We three are besties. And yes, I do have a take-charge oldest sibling complex. 

6. I wish I was a little bit taller. Being 5'3 makes some photograph-taking a little difficult.

7. I was homeschooled. I absolutely loved it, and I plan to homeschool my boys. And the answer to your question is Yes, I am socially awkward at times. 

8. I have extreme wander-lust. I'm always planning my next vacation.

9. I enjoy all kinds of music, and am often caught singing and dancing. It's a thing to behold.

10. I like to create. Whether it be taking a photograph, painting a picture, knitting a scarf, or trying some craft that I saw on Pinterest, I enjoy making stuff even if it doesn't always turn out how I planned!


Hello, there! I'm Julia, the younger sister.  As "second photographer" of this duo, I wear many hats. I'm the one who's taking pictures of all those little details you spent hours creating (after discovering it on the wonderful world of Pinterest of course!); I'm usually the one who's responsible for those blackmail worthy photos of your friend's busting a move on the dance floor (you're welcome); and I have also been known to pin boutonnieres, hold bouquets, fetch water, entertain children, and become a ninja to get awesome candid shots.

Ten Random Facts About Yours Truly:

1.    I love Jesus. He is my Savior and without Him I am literally nothing.

2.    I have an amazing husband, Kyle. He's been my best friend for over twelve years and my better half for three.

3.    I'm a full-fledged nerd. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who...they all have a special place in my heart.

4.    I like to write. On my blog (writer's block near you) you will find semi-good punctuation, a few run-on sentences, a picture or two that I've taken, and lots of little bits of my life. It's all very exciting.

5.    I am obsessed with travel.  The more I travel, the more I want to travel. Its an unquenchable thirst.

6.    I believe tea is better than coffee. (much to my sisters horror).

7.    I'm an old soul. Knitting, listening to records, writing letters, sipping some hot tea...these are a few of my favorite things.

8.    I love babies. When I'm not helping snap pictures of people's big days, I am nannying a little blue-eyed chubs. I'm quite fond of the little guy. :)

9.    I love calligraphy. It's a new found favorite of mine. I'm quite terrible at it so far, but it's been fun learning.

10.  I often speak in quotes. I’m a movie/tv show junkie and it’s definitely influenced my favorite sayings and phrases.