74 Things

Seven years ago was my first Valentine's Day with my then-boyfriend-now-husband (and extremely handsome) Caleb Rue. In 2007, we spent the day together three hundred and one miles apart. Caleb was away at college, and since he had to work a mandatory shift at school that day, we made a date to watch Princess Bride at the same time later that evening (me in my basement bedroom in Kansas and he in his shared dorm room in Missouri) as we flirted over the phone. It was a fun time, but I so wanted him to be closer---at least in the same state! I couldn't get enough of this sweet guy who stole my heart away.


Seven years later, and I still can't get enough of him. And I am happy to say that was the last long distance Valentine's Day for us! Tonight will consist of carryout, a picnic in the basement, a fort, and possibly some Princess Bride. Yes, he gets me. And the more I get to know Caleb, the more crazy I am about that husband of mine.

So, in honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I would be just a little bit cheesy and share 74 things that I love about my husband (it was supposed to be 50 things but I got a little carried away!)

  1. I love the shape of your eyebrows

  2. I love that I can give you my unwanted olives

  3. I love that you love to cuddle

  4. I love our shared enjoyment of murder mysteries

  5. I love how you look in uniform, Officer.

  6. I love how excited you get over Louis L’amour books

  7. I love your big lips

  8. I love your loyalty

  9. I love that you text me throughout the day to tell me you love me

  10. I love that you have a big sweet tooth (to match mine!)

  11. I love that you are secure enough to watch chic flicks (even without me)

  12. I love your boyish obsession with knives and guns

  13. I love our zombie apocalypse plans

  14. I love that you love dogs

  15. I love that you don’t like cats

  16. I love your honesty and openness

  17. I love your bum

  18. I love how protective you are of me

  19. I love your dark hair

  20. I love how big and strong you are

  21. I love your Bill Clinton impression

  22. I love your dramatization of stories

  23. I love the sound of your laugh

  24. I love how you wink at me in public

  25. I love that you dig cheesy music

  26. I love to hear you sing (especially when you are singing to me)

  27. I love your funny scream when I scare you

  28. I love your long kisses

  29. I love your funky dancing

  30. I love how passionate you are about what you believe in

  31. I love how you care for people

  32. I love how good you are at being a police officer

  33. I love how you respect my father

  34. I love how you always provide for us

  35. I love how you encourage me to pursue my dreams

  36. I love that you kiss me every morning

  37. I love that you love Jesus

  38. I love that you are a night owl with me

  39. I love your silly bantering and badgering during games

  40. I love that you still flirt with me

  41. I love that you randomly leave me sweet notes

  42. I love when you are winning a sport/game and you glance to make sure I noticed

  43. I love that you always call me beautiful

  44. I love that you love kids

  45. I love that you are hospitable to others

  46. I love that you are funny

  47. I love that you make a mean fried veggies and ramen

  48. I love the silly nicknames you give me like “buzz buzz” and “chubs”

  49. I love that you pray for me

  50. I love that you buy me chocolate when I need it

  51. I love our tv show marathon dates

  52. I love that you always say “Make sure you have your gun!” every time I leave the house

  53. I love that you pretend to be interested when I'm jabbering on about photography

  54. I love our long drives and conversations

  55. I love planning the future with you

  56. I love all our many, many conversations about deep and random things

  57. I love how ticklish you are

  58. I love that your favorite color is black

  59. I love that you know my favorite color, our anniversary date, and all those little details

  60. I love you that you are horrible at keeping secrets

  61. I love that you love Christmas

  62. I love that you make cookie dough just to eat the dough

  63. I love that you randomly surprise me with doing house chores when I'm gone

  64. I love that you stand up for what is right

  65. I love that you watch old movies with me even though they make you snooze

  66. I love that you call me during work to see how I'm doing

  67. I love watching you play basketball

  68. I love when you play the piano (you should play it more often)

  69. I love that you are a hopeless romantic

  70. I love that we can be silly together

  71. I love that you think I'm funny (you know you do!)

  72. I love that my latest hairdo is always your “favorite”

  73. I love that you encourage me to go out but miss me twenty minutes after I'm gone

  74. I love that you love me

    I love you, Caleb Rue.