The second destination on our sisters' trip to Europe was London, just a short plane ride away from our first stop, Rome. In order to avoid the ridiculous baggage check fees on our intercontinental flight, we had to keep two weeks worth of luggage in a small carry on. We couldn't even have purses! It was a challenge but we (barely) managed. A very big thanks to Julia for lugging around my overstuffed green carryon because I thought a backpack was a good idea. Yes, it turned out to be way too heavy for a pregnant lady, so Julia was gracious enough to trade luggage with me. For the seventieth time, I'm so sorry, sis---especially for the many trips up and down the stairs to our third floor hotel room in London and our fifth floor room in Paris. (What's wrong with elevators, Europe??)

I feel like London is my town. Hot tea, delicious accents, dreary weather, royal parks, Benedict Cumberbatch, and brick and stone buildings---this place just gets me. I want to go back!

Favorite Food: Fish and chips at a quaint pub downtown. (Yes, we ordered fish and chips like a couple of tourists!)

Favorite Place: 221B Baker Street

Most memorable moment: Getting locked in Kensington Gardens after sunset.