Ian & Kerri

I can't believe these two are getting married tomorrow! I've known Kerri and Ian since they were about seven years old, and it's been so fun seeing them grow up and fall in love. I remember one time a bazillion years ago, my family was on a canoe trip with Ian and Kerri's families, and I got stuck getting paired off with Ian. I say "stuck" because I was a "cool" teenager at the time, and Ian was about eight years old. Well, the whole time we were rowing (and by "we" I mean "me" because Ian was too small to row), Ian kept saying, "Go faster! Faster!! We are way behind. We have to win!"

We were way behind because I was DYING from rowing constantly, but nobody else was really racing. Still, Ian insisted. And I rowed my brains out (and wanted to hit Ian with the oar).

Ian and Kerri, I'm so happy for you two and thankful to be documenting your wedding day. You are both pretty awesome (especially Kerri). I love you guys!