Jeffrey & Sarah

Last week, I was invited to a styled maternity shoot with a group of local photographers. It was my first time doing something like this, and I was excited to meet some of my peers. As we photographed a beautiful couple, we had the chance to talk shop, learn from each other, and create new friendships. It was a great time. 

In the field of photography, I think networking with other photographers is so important. And it's not about "getting to know the competition." No, it's about encouraging and challenging one another to continue to pursue our shared passion for photography. Plus, heck, I'm a wedding photographer. I literally only need twenty engaged couples a year to think my work is great, and I'm golden. If I'm struggling to get clients, it's not because there are better photographers in the area---it's because I need to become better at what I do. And I think that learning and being challenged from other talented photographers will only help us excel at our art.

So thanks, my fellow photographers, for the encouragement.

And now meet that beautiful couple I was telling you about. Jeffrey and Sarah literally had a paparazzi of eight photographers shooting them for two hours...and they handled it like a couple of pros! Chatting with these two for a few minutes and watching their loving glances at each other, it was plain to see that when their baby boy comes into the world this summer, he is going to be SO loved. He already is.