Jonathan & Corinn

Jon and Corinn have said I Do! 

Many of you know I had many jobs before I discovered my love for photography, one of which was waitressing and cooking at the Riverside Cup of Tea. It was my all-time favorite job as a teenager, not only because it introduced me to the wonderful wide world of tea, but because of my amazing coworkers---one of whom was Corinn. She's one of the kindest, most servant-hearted people I had ever met, and it was a joy to work with her and become friends.

It's hard to believe that eight years have passed since we worked side by side at the tearoom, and it had been ages since I had last seen Corinn. Last year, however, I bumped into her and Jon at THREE different weddings I had shot. At the first wedding, these two sweathearts had just started courting, and it didn't take detective work to figure out that they were in love and would have their chance to walk down the aisle very soon. I was so glad to witness their happy day!

Jon and Corinn, congratulations! You two couldn't be more perfect for each other. Your love for the Lord and for one another is radiant, and I know God will be using you both for His exciting purposes as you begin your new life together.