Mike & Emily

Mike and Emily are getting married. Emily sent the sweetest email when I asked a few questions about herself. She told me how she had met Mike during her senior year at college, and even though she had "sworn off" dating so she could focus on her graduate studies for the next four years, she soon found herself swooning over her Mr. Right. "Funny thing how you think you have your life planned out and it doesn't go accordingly..." she wrote. They started dating, and even though they knew they would some day get married, they made a commitment to finish school before they tied the knot. "We knew pretty early on that we would get married one day, but we both understood that me finishing school would have to come first. It has been a struggle maintaining a relationship that has been long distance for more time than we have lived in the same city, but it has helped us both appreciate each other more and to not take the time we have together for granted." I'm so excited that your long awaited big day is nearly here!