Northwest - Vacation, Part 2

After Yellowstone, Caleb and I made our way up through Montana. We drove all day through the beautiful country, and Caleb said it was his favorite because the mountains were in the distance and not "suffocating" him. (I know. He's quirky.)


After driving for many hours, we decided upon a little detour---a ghost town up in the mountains. According to our GPS, Garnet Ghost Town was only forty minutes out of the way, and we were ready to stretch our limbs. So we got off the beaten path and went on our merry way. Little did I know that this was going to be the most terrifying ride of our lives.

After getting off the highway and onto the small country road, we soon found out that we had to take a detour to get to our detour. It was only ten miles from there so we assumed we would be there in no time. The paved road turned into gravel, and before we knew it, the two lane gravel road turned into a one way. You see, this was tricky business because the road was barely the width of the car with very little margin for error, and there was literally a cliff one on side of us. Suddenly, the gravel road was hardly there---it was just a neglected path with giant potholes and slippery surfaces. The paths were so bad that I could hardly keep my car on the road. We were basically off-roading in a Ford Fussion, and by the time we realized our predicament, it was too late to turn around. There was NOWHERE to turn around---we could only go forward and pray that another car wasn't going down the mountain on the one-way! The whole time I was driving, Caleb kept saying, "We're going to die!" Such an optimist.

Obviously, we did not die. We managed to make it up the mountain and to the ghost town, and when we got there, the friendly park ranger informed us that there was a main paved road on the other side of the mountain. Of course. It would add another two hours to our trip, but we gladly took it on the way down.



The ghost town we risked our lives to see. 


Caleb, the Blacksmith. 


I love antiquing, and my home is filled with vintage goodies. So I had fun seeing these antiques in their "homes." It was interesting and a little eerie to imagine the lives that people lived here one hundred years ago, to imagine their stories. This was their home, their stuff---faded and falling apart. 


Seeing the kitchen (and the toilets) made me glad I was born in this time. 


(Ya, we didn't know what it was either. )


After a relaxing walk around the place, we decided it was time to head on out since we had some catching up to do. The ride down the mountain was much more pleasant. That day, we ended up staying the night in Idaho, and we ate at this great little restaurant in Coeur D'alene, Idaho.

vsco_0 (1).jpg

Good eats. 

The next morning, we made our way to Seattle.


It was a whirlwind of outdoor markets, coffee shops, people, sidewalk bands, and delicious food. And Caleb got his first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. 

vsco_0 (2).jpg

Of course, we had to have our coffee from the first ever Starbucks on Pike Place, along with twenty million other tourists.

The next day, it was time for Oregon. Now, this was the place for me. So green and beautiful! Caleb and I went to Portland, and I will say this, if you ever go there, whatever you do, check out VooDoo Doughnuts. Best. Doughnuts. Ever. And I should know. I'm married to a cop. (Sorry, Caleb.)

After getting our fill of the best doughnuts ever (seriously, people, I cannot stress this enough), we walked around the city, stopping at Powell's Books (overwhelming!) and Stumptown Coffee. We then made our way to the Portland Japanese Garden. This place was so relaxing, and I was continually in awe of the lush greenery.


I need one of these gardens in my back yard.

After running around Portland, Caleb and I headed to Cannon Beach on the rocky Oregon coast, our destination before turning around and heading home. And it was perfect timing, too. The date was June 7th, our anniversary---and it was AMAZING. We got to celebrate our five year mark at a cozy beachfront inn, and I'm pretty sure there is nothing better than a picnic dinner in the sand, while watching the sunset over the Pacific.

Five years with my best friend, my better half, the love of my life. God has blessed us with five amazing years filled with joy, heartaches, challenges, and adventures. What a thrill ride. Marriage is never dull, never easy, and always worth it.  

Caleb, I love you. I thank God every day for you and for our life together. You're pretty amazing.



The next morning, I got up early, bought a chai tea and muffin from the coffee shop next door, and I went on a walk down the beach to the Haystack Rock. So peaceful. 


It was hard to say goodbye to the ocean. I even offered to drive through the night if we could just stay another day. But we had two thousand miles between us and home, and it was time to head back.

We drove an average of nine hours a day on this trip, and we could have stayed a week at each place we stopped. It was fun to cover all that ground, to see so many new places in such a short time. Nothing beats a roadtrip.


Multnomah Falls, Oregon.