Taylor & Kelsey

Kelsey and Taylor are married! And it was a beautiful wedding from start to finish. I know these two personally, and let me tell you what a sweet, godly couple they are. Kelsey and Taylor met through a mutual friend (and matchmaker) a little over a year ago, and they hit it off right away. After they started going out, it wasn't hard to guess that they would be tying the knot so soon---all of their friends could see that these two are quite perfect for each other. A special thank you to my darling husband, Caleb, for being so awesome assisting me! This was the first wedding I have done without my sister, Julia, (as you can see, she was in the wedding party) so his help was much appreciated. Thanks, Love!

Kels and Taylor, I had so much fun documenting your Big Day and being a part of the festivities! You two make a great pair! Congrats, you two. Enjoy your new life together!!!